Trine Hisdal, born 1981 in Bergen, is initially schooled as a graphic designer. She enrolled in Bilder Nordic School of Photograpy in 2011, and has been represented by Tinagent since 2013. Trines ability to communicate through a wide range of visual teqniques makes this particular photographer quite the rarity. Her work is characterized by an explicit sense of style and form, clean aesthetics and an incredible presence, resulting in great team-ups in both the commercial- and editorial arenas.    

No matter what kind of task she comes across, Trine somehow manages to put a little bit of poetry into all of her projects – and her artistic take on both creative marketing and fashion feels remarkably modern, yet classic at the same time. Her client list includes Costume, Elle, D2, Stine Goya, Holly Golightly, Kaleidoscope Magazine, PS: Post Scriptum Magazine, and Glamcult.