Morten Borgestad has a BA in art direction from Westerdals and has worked as a photographer since 2006. He works with various documentary methods, where stylization and surrealism are intertwined with an absurd and subtle comedy.

The driving force in Morten lies in the combination of finding interesting people and places, and putting them together in a new and exciting way. His work is characterized by a surprising and sharp comedy, in addition to an aesthetic and neat style of expression.

Borgestad's background as art director gives him the advantage of quickly understanding the essence of an idea. With an extraordinary eye for detail, nothing is left to chance. He carefully chooses the cast, placement, props and styling to make the image or film reach its full potential

Borgestad has worked with clients such as OBOS, Norwegian, Tine, Statoil, IKEA, Sparebank 1, NAV and Telenor and more.