Lisa Westgaard is an award-winning photographer specializing in 
food and still life.

Her Oslo based studio is literally a treasure chest of props  –  
floor to ceiling covered in unique collectables.

From packaging and advertising, to fine art, books and editorial, Lisa brings an artist’s eye to every image she creates for her clients.

Her work is infused with her vision from start to finish, as she playfully experiments with light, compositions, textures and color. 
She is described by her collegues as a photographer who does not
take a picture – she creates it. 

Her images jump off the page, whether digital, paper, billboard, or displays. 

As an art photographer, Lisa is is passionate about capturing the beauty of the imperfect.  Her work has been exhibited in solo- and group exhibitions.
As a director her short films tell visual food stories.


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2014 GULLSNITT Bronze in the category food/drink-packaging for Hennig Olsen, with Scandinavian Design Group

2014 GULLSNITT Diploma in the category: food/drink for D2

2014 GULLSNITT Bronze in the category: food/drink for Funky Fresh Foods

2014 GULLSNITT Bronze in the category: still life for Samson with Work

2014 GULLSNITT Gold in the category: still life for D2, magazine cover "Onsdkapens Aks"

2013 MDID Gold in the category: Photography – for Oslo airport's "360 magazine" with Dinamo 

2012 GULLPIN: Bronze Cover of the year -for Oslo airport's "360 magazine" with Dinamo 

2011 PENTAWARDS: Gold in the category: Food -for Jens Eide with Strømme Throndsen Design

2011 PENTAWARDS: Silver in the category: Food -for Lofoten with Strømme Throndsen Design

2011 GULLSNITT: Bronze in the category: Food/drink for Fjordland with Fortress

2010 SIAL: Sial d´Or 2010 in the category: Savoury grocery products for O. Kavli AS with STrømme Throndsen Design

2010 Merket for god design: Hounered with Design Effekt 2010 of Norsk Dsignråd, for Yoplait L´Amour and Jacobs Utvalgte with Strømme Throndsen Design

2010 Merket for god design: Award in the category: Packaging Design for O. Kavli AS with Strømme Throndsen Design

2010 GULLSNITT: Silver in the category: Food/drink for ICA Norway with Teft Design

2010 GULLSNITT: Bronze in the category: Food/drink for ICA Norway with Teft Design

2009 Merket for god design: Winner of Grand Prix in the Category: Design Effect for Lofoten with Strømme Throndsen Design

2009 VISUELT: Silver in the category: Grafic Design - Open Category for Hydro with Creuna

2007 VISUELT: Gold in the category: packagingdesign for Gaalaas Røkeri with Gina Rose Design

2006 Pustehullet: People´s Choice Award for the campaign "Naturlig bortsjemt mat" with Virtual Garden

2005 Utsnitt: Gold in the category: Food for Fjordland Brelett with BBDO comercial.

2005 Utsnitt: Diploma in the category: Food for Tine Sans with Dinamo Reklamebyrå

2005 Utsnitt: Diploma in the category: Food for with Tangram Design

2002 Gullblyanten: Diploma in the category: Design for Telenor with Leo Burnett

2002 Gold at The Magazine Award 2002 in the category: "Food Series of the Year".

2000 Visuelt 00. GRAFIL: Diploma in Book of the Year - Photofor the book DYD.

1999 Visuelt 99. GRAFIL: Diploma in Interpreting Photography for Norway Seafoods Annual Report.

1998 Utsnitt. Diploma in Editorial Photography for the book Tex Mex.

1997 Årets vakreste bøker: Diploma for " Øl til glede"

1997 Visuelt 97. GRAFIL: Silver in  Editorial Photography for the book Shah Jahan.

1996 Utsnitt. Diploma.

1993 Gullblyanten. Diploma in Photography for "Krydder", a selfpromotional package.

1993 Gullblyanten. Diploma in Advertising 2 for "Krydder", a selfpromotional package.


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