Knut Bry is one of Norway's most acclaimed photographers. His work is internationally renowned in several genres, spanning from fashion editorials to world wide reportages for Condé Nast-publications such as VOGUE and The Traveler. Knut is a true humanitarian and has for the last few years been working with refugee camps on the island of Lesvos in Greece. His work is often recognized through his explicit use of colors, filters and objects - elegantly and insightfully composed - generating both conviction and joy in his audiences.

Knut has also hosted numerous solo- and group exhibitions as an art photographer, often accompanied by musicians, dancers and actors. He has also contributed to a number of books on design, architecture, travel and photography.

His sense of shape, light and color is truly inspiring, and his being even more so.

Instagram: @_knutbry_

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Preus Norsk Foto Museum, Norway
Hasselblad Senteret, Sweden
Henie Onstad Art Senter, Norway
Nord Norske Kunstsamlinger, Norway
Royal Caribian Art, Various grand Cruise Ships


2013   A Dance Tribute, in collaboration with Jo Strømgren Kompani in Poznan, Polen.
2012  "Retro Perspektiv", The Apartment, Oslo
2011  "Balestrand", Norway
2010   Fotobrygga i Skrova, Skrova, Lofoten, Norway
2010  "Empty Stores", Ålesund/Norway.
2009  "That & This", Turid Meeker Contemporary Art, New York/USA.
2009  "Vrængte Bila", Doga, Oslo/Norway.
2009  "Mangfold", Gallery Bak DaCapo, Oslo/Norway.
2009  "Empty Stores", Måløy/Norway.
2008  "Bryne, Portrait of a city", Bryne/Norway.
2008  "Empty Stores", Arnulf Øverland Gallery, Kristiansund/Norway.
2008  "Empty Stores", Mykland/Norway.
2008  "Empty Stores", Ulsteinvik/Norway.
2008  "Jo Strømgren Kompani" Retrospective, "Dance House"./Norway.
2007  "Naturlig Natur", Skarsnuten Hotel, Hallingdal./Norway.
2007  "Ørken", Gallery Flø/Norway.
2007  "Empty Stores", Gallery Lunde in Telemark/Norway.
2004  Steenersen Museet with "Alfa Omega"/Norway.
2004  Various exhibitions at Bølgen & Moi./Norway.
2004  Exhibition at Gol Kunstsforening, Norway.
2003  Exhibition with Jo Strømgren Kompani, Oslo / Norway.
2002  Exhibition with The Salvation Army, Oslo / Norway.
2002  Exhibition at Hå Gamle Prestegård, Norway.
1999  Exhibition at Bodø Kunstforening, Norway.
1998  Exhibition at the Vigeland Museum, Oslo / Norway.
1995  'Fossegrimen' at Henie Onstad Art Senter / Norway.
1995  Exhibition at Preus Fotomuseum / Norway.
1995  'Norilsk Sibiria' at the Music Festival in Narvik /Norway.
1995  'Norilsk Sibiria' at The Gallery at Oslo Town Hall /Norway.
1994  'Norilsk Sibiria' at Kirkenes Gallery / Norway.
1992  'Norilsk Sibiria' at Gallery F15 / Norway.
1992  'Norilsk Sibiria' at Norilsk Museum / Russia.
1987  'Fashion Portraits' in Amsterdam / The Netherlands.
1987  'Fashion Portraits' in Bruxelles / Belgium.
1986  'Fashion Portraits' at Espace Canon, Paris / France. 


2013  "Helt A4", Rådhusplassen, Oslo
2013  Leveld, "Empty Barns"
2012  Tradisjon og nyskapning, Preus Museum, Horten
2011 "Ut med det!", Rådhusgalleriet, Oslo
2011  "Skur 58"


2008   Visuelt, Graphic Design, Package design, B&M Food Garage, GOLD
2008   Visuelt, Graphic Design, Identity design, B&M Food Garage/SDG, GOLD
2007   Gullblyanten, Graphic Design, B&M Food Garage, SILVER
2006   Buskerud County’s Culture Prize. Norway.
2003   Visuelt '03 : Silver, Open Category for Blue.
2003   Visuelt'03 : Silver, Open Category - Design for The Salvation Army.
2002   Årets vakreste bøker '02, GRAFILL: Diploma for Bedehusbilete.
2000   Visuelt´00, GRAFIL: Silver for category Photography books: 'Himmelsk – Mat og Mirakler'.
2000   Visuelt´00 - GRAFILL: Gold for category "Book of the Year": 'Himmelsk - Mat & Mirakler. 
1999   Visuelt, Silver for category Interpreted Photography - Brochure: Pling i bollen for Bølgen og Moi.
1998   Absolute Fashion Awards' - Cover of The Year.
1998   Utsnitt': Gold in category Interpreted Photography for Smak.
1997   World Food Media Award', Australia 1.st. prize
1994   Photography Prize´94 Norske Fotografers Landsforbund, Norway. 
1990   Finalist for the Alfred Einsenstadt Conde Nast Travler Award.
1989   Photographer of the Year, Norway, Creative Forum. 
1986   Photographer of the Year, USA.