Cathrine Wessel began her career as an AD and graphic designer. After exposure to other photographers, she was inspired to pick up the camera herself. With her first camera in her luggage, the trip went to NY. Her career started in the music industry where she regularly photographed for magazines such as Spin and Rolling Stone. With the characteristic energy of her photos, sports also became a natural way to go. Today she works mainly in fashion and sports.

Her work is characterized by a lot of energy and movement, in addition to a narrative approach to all genres - she has an exciting documentary expression, where emotions and movement merge, always searching for the beautiful, authentic moments. Cathrine is in constant intuitive motion with everything and everyone in front of the camera. Always with a strong emotional presence.

She has worked with clients such as Adidas, Vogue, Condé Nast, Glamor, Nike, Neutrogena, North Face, Under Armor and Reebok with Gigi Hadid. In Norway, she has photographed for Elle, D2, Dale of Norway, Kari Traa and David Andersen, among others.

Instagram: @cathrinewessel