Tinagent is a photo and film production company located in Oslo. The agency was established in 1995 as the first photography agency in Norway. Following the global development in the creative field, they expanded their area of expertise into film and directing, in addition to the traditional photographic practice. The company is owned and managed by Cathrine Sigurdsen and founder Tina Holth. 

Tinagent’s area of expertise lies within commercial photography, spanning from fashion, advertising, design, music, editorial spreads, books and film direction. The company functions as a service link, a quality control and a producer between the photographer, the client and the rest of the team of collaborators.

The agency has chosen to work with photographers and directors of great integrity to their field, who dares to cultivate their individuality, and who at the same time masters the communication and team work with the clients. Tinagent represents some of the most acclaimed photographers and directors in Norway.

In 2014 the styling and make up agency Style Management was founded as an independent, extended link from Tinagent. This enables the agencies to offer a complete, tailored package of professional expertise for high end photo and film shoots.


Cathrine Sigurdsen+
Photographers Agent & Partner

Cathrine Sigurdsen has a wide range of experience in advertising and international branding, having worked in television production and administration. Cathrine handles recommendations, productions and negotiations for Tinagent's photographers.

Sune Eriksen+
Photographer / Director

Sune Eriksen is an experienced photographer and director, and a passionate storyteller. He has a classic approach to the communicative aspect of photography, which creates strong bodies of work.

Maren Klakegg+

Maren is a versatile and passionate director with a BA in film and TV from Westerdals Oslo ACT. Her heart lies within storytelling and she is committed to keeping it real and authentic, with a focus on the interpersonal.

Dusan Reljin+
Photographer / Director

Dusan started his photographic career as an assistant for photographer Craig McDean, before venturing on his own. Dusan is most known for his striking fashion & beauty portraits and editorials. With a warm demeanor and charm he welcomes new challenges.

Sebastian Ludvigsen+

Sebastian's pictures are easily recognizable by their pure expression and clear light. He has a young, contemporary and consistent expression, often with a sharp, humoristic vibe.

Tina Holth+
Photographers Agent & Partner

Tina Holth founded Tinagent in 1995, as the very first agency for still photographers. Tina´s philosophy was then, as it still is, to both represent and support a selected number of photographers and directors in a close and long term collaboration.

Jonathan Vivaas Kise+

Jonathan is a social and outgoing photographer, and draws a lot of inspiration from the people and surroundings around him. Jonathan has a warm and unpolished style, and is playful and exploratory in his approach to photography.

Eirik Evjen+
Cinematographer / Photographer

 Eirik Evjen is sharply present and authentic in his approach as a cinematographer and still photographer.

Lisa Westgaard+

Lisa is a unique still life and food photographer with a playful eye. With an extensive stock of props she recreates moods from every corner of the world. 
Light, color and composition make Lisa´s pictures a very tasty pleasure.

Pål Laukli+
Photographer / Director

Pål’s photos are filled with intense energy, and range from action sequenced situations to iconic portraits.
 He demonstrates his strong engagement as a film director and still photographer through his playful expression and distinct use of light.

Trine Guttulsrød+
Production Manager

Trine studied fashion and photography and has a great eye for aesthetics. Trine works as production manager on both film and photo productions, as well as handeling our web site and social media.

Morten Borgestad+

The driving force in Morten lies in the combination of finding interesting people and places, and putting them together in a new and exciting way. His work is characterized by a surprising and sharp comedy, in addition to an aesthetic and neat style of expression.

Aksel Jermstad+
Photographer / Director

Aksel is devoted to storytelling and concerned with branding. He believes in sharing a gripping story. With his background as a filmproducer he shows the overall understanding of every detail in the process of making film and stills.


Knut Bry+
Photographer / Director

Knut cultivates the aesthetic and beautiful, and is described by many as the master of color and light. His pictures are characterized by playfulness, often interspersed with surrealism in everyday life.

Thomas Qvale+
Photographer / Director

Thomas´ images are easily recognized by his distinct use of light, his clean aestetics and a built-in flair for trends and tendencies.

Guy Haddeland+
Agency Producer

Guy is a producer with a long and wide range of experience from the commercial film- and television industry. He has worked on both sides of the table, which is reflected in a solution-oriented production philosophy. Guy has a keen eye on planning, budgeting and maintenance of the creative workflow within production.

Cathrine Wessel+
Photographer / Director

Cathrine's work is characterized by a lot of energy and movement, in addition to a narrative approach to all genres - she has an exciting documentary expression, where emotions and movement merge, always searching for the beautiful, authentic moments. 

Trine Hisdal+

Trine´s background as a graphic designer is of clear presence in her photographic work. The strong, aestethic look in Trine´s images are both unique and identifiable, without corrupting the substance of her photographic storytelling.

Sigve Aspelund+
Photographer / Director

Sigve "sees what others overlook", as he catches and discloses everyday life in strong and clean compositions, often in a non-traditional way with a clean sense of humour. His strength lies in devoloping ideas and being strong on directing for film and stills.